Welcome to the Sky Nations Network Store!


Donations towards the server by purchasing Ranks, Extras, etc, help the server grow stronger and bigger for a better gameplay experience. Your funds help the entire community as a whole, technically upgrading it. This, of course, comes with a reward, which is the Ranks and others purchasable items on the store. We want those that help us with the funds to upgrade our server to have a boost in their experience for life and make it easier to become a legend.


On Special Occasions, SkyNationsNetwork will donate a handful of their donations to AKDN, a great development network to make schools and hospitals in poor societies.


Chargebacks will result in a ban in that specific server, if you chargeback for the global ranks you will be banned on all servers but hub. You may purchase a unban for any reason in the extra's of any store, or a global unban from the global rank store.